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Design.Aid Proposal

At this stage special requests or preferences from clients is not within the scope of works. Each proposal however is custom, as the floor plan designs are made to suit the specific requirements pertaining to your property.

Each lot is unique with its own set of site specific requirements. This includes taking into account specific local council requirements and unique internal and external site factors. Therefore, each lot requires its own feasibility assessment in order to determine a suitable Design.Aid proposal. 

Yes, more than one proposal can be selected. Each product is designed to appeal to a different niche within the market. Therefore, selecting two different proposals may assist in broadening your scope of market appeal, while at the same time indicating to buyers that your property can offer them options which is a desirable motivator when purchasing property.

Local council requirements can change from time to time, including external site factors such as adjoining neighbours undertaking dwelling extensions or knock down rebuilds. Such changes can significantly impact the outcome of your proposal, and with the construction of single storey dwellings taking as little as five months, our proposal would need to be re-evaluated once six months has lapsed from the time of digital files issued.

Design.Aid proposals are limited to one time use only and your purchase of a Design.Aid proposal cannot be used for any other property. Each lot is unique with its own set of site specific requirements and therefore, each requires to be separately assessed to determine which Design.Aid proposal would be feasible. 


Payment can be completed via debit/credit card (Visa and Mastercard accepted).

At this stage we are not accepting cryptocurrency payments. 


Currently Design.Aid proposals are only available for customers within a Melbourne Metro area. Please see map below.

Please allow up to (1) one week for your Design.Aid proposal to be completed from point of receiving cleared purchase order funds.

Not often the case, however there may be circumstances in which a site visit may be required (external site access only), to accurately ascertain details specific to your site that is vital for Design.Aid to complete its feasibility study.

Should access to your rear yard be required, within a timely manner, Design.Aid will be in contact with you to arrange a suitable day to complete a site assessment.

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