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property info guide

Step 1 & 2

Not all lots will be suitable for a Design.Aid proposal, to check for suitability follow these steps to attain some basic property information relating to your lot.

Enter your property address within the search bar

Step 3 & 4
Minimum Requirement

Lots within a heritage overlay are not suitable

To determine whether your property lies within a heritage overlay, refer to step 3.

Under the heading 'Zones and Overlays' ensure that heritage overlay is not listed.

To determine your lot size and lot width, refer to step 4.

Click to open 'Property PDF'

Step 5 & 6
Minimum Requirements

Lot size should be 550sqm or greater

Lot width should be 15.20m or greater

Within the Property Report generated after following step 4, locate your lot size and lot width.

To determine your lot size, refer to step 5.

To determine your lot width, refer to step 6.

Step 7
Minimum Requirement

Lot must be located within Melbourne Metropolitan area
(map is a guide only and not exact boundary extent).

Melbourne Metro Area
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